Help, I’m overwhelmed!

Panic & overwhelm! There's often an unspoken rule in the modern corporate world that staff should be continually busy and buzzing with activity, in turn leading managers to become overloaded with innumerable responsibilities. In many cases, it should be said, people seem to rather like it; telling people how busy… full article

3 ways to tackle the impostor phenomenon

Worst nightmares Last night I woke up in a cold sweat, having had that dream again. You may know the one. Sitting in the school hall aged 18, I was about to sit the all-important final exams, but with just one slight problem: I'd done no preparation or revision whatsoever… full article

How to win life’s lottery

Tickets to ride The acclaimed Richard Koch of The 80/20 Principle fame suggested thinking of life as a lottery, for which you can buy two types of ticket: -red tickets - expensive & time-consuming to obtain, but the conventional route to success. Most people can only acquire a small number… full article

3 ways to avoid getting completely anchored

No return to boom & bust! At the G20 Summit in London in 2009, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown struck a historic deal to tackle the gathering financial meltdown, at the time hailed by President Obama as a turning point for the global economic recovery. Following days of intense and stressful… full article

Minding your own business

Income quadrants Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki has a simple genius, being the ability to explain ideas in a way that anyone can understand, including the various potential sources of income or profit - depicted in a quadrant - and in turn how these translate into your personal financial… full article

Learning as you go

Learning from failure In his excellent book Black Box Thinking, Matthew Syed examined how individuals and businesses can learn from failure, through marginal gains, rigorous testing of what's working & what isn't, and adjusting course appropriately. He cites the fascinating (to me, anyway!) case of Unilever's laundry detergent nozzles, which… full article

4 types of buyer (& how to approach them)

We're all selling something You may or may not work in a defined sales role, but in a sense we're all selling something these days. In any case, you'll likely be involved in many transactions through the course of a productive working week, so it makes sense to understand a… full article

Skill…or just luck of the draw?

Blind beginner's luck I'll never forget the first time I set foot in a casino as an unworldly teenager, as the mate I went with immediately won an improbable 35 to 1 payout on a single number bet. I strongly suspected he had no idea what he was doing, but… full article

How not to go broke

Ladies, liquor, leverage I was having a yarn on Twitter this week with some smart finance types & recounted a Charlie Munger quote about there being only 3 ways to go broke: 'Ladies, liquor, & leverage'. Sidekick Warren Buffett quipped that Munger only added the first two because they begin… full article

What if your partner has different financial goals?

No accounting for taste I rarely pause to consider how fortunate I am that my better half is financially savvy. We first met at work - she was my boss, sadly - and I marvelled at her ability to solve seemingly impossible equations & accounting disclosures when preparing consolidated group… full article