How to win life’s lottery

Tickets to ride The acclaimed Richard Koch of The 80/20 Principle fame suggested thinking of life as a lottery, for which you can buy two types of ticket: -red tickets - expensive & time-consuming to obtain, but the conventional route to success. Most people can only acquire a small number… full article

3 ways to avoid getting completely anchored

No return to boom & bust! At the G20 Summit in London in 2009, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown struck a historic deal to tackle the gathering financial meltdown, at the time hailed by President Obama as a turning point for the global economic recovery. Following days of intense and stressful… full article

Minding your own business

Income quadrants Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki has a simple genius, being the ability to explain ideas in a way that anyone can understand, including the various potential sources of income or profit - depicted in a quadrant - and in turn how these translate into your personal financial… full article