Pete Wargent is the founder and Director of WargentAdvisory, an Australian consultancy firm advising hedge funds and institutional investors.

He specialises in the analysis, dynamics, and impacts of Australian household debt, construction trends, and real estate market cycles.

Maintaining a comprehensive database of financial data, analysis, and other information, his goal is simple: to find an edge for his clients.

Pete generates original ideas through a variety of sources, including (but not limited to):

  • meeting with a network of key industry participants
  • analysing changes to lending standards
  • consideration of government, taxation, & regulatory policies
  • examining changes in accounting policies & standards
  • on-the-ground industry experience

Wargent Advisory provides reports and consults for hedge funds and financial institutions from all over the world, including funds based in New York, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

To find out more about WargentAdvisory and the services offered see wargentadvisory.com