4 ways to bridge the credibility gap

The meaning of soul Credibility may appear to be a nebulous notion, but when you've lost it, people know! Noel Gallagher, formerly of rock band Oasis, doesn't often mince his words, and as such could be a worthwhile source for defining it: "On credibility? Jack White has done a song for… full article

The formation of positive habits

In the zone (curry, wines, & videotape) One summer evening in Birmingham in 1997, English cricketer Nasser Hussain retired early to his hotel room, ordered a curry and a glass of wine, and watched videotape of the Australian bowlers he would face the next day. Little did he know that… full article

Low wages growth? How and why to value yourself

Testing times These are challenging times for employees, with the global supply of labour increasing & wages growing slowly. A macroeconomist might surmise that you should sit tight, pray for unemployment to fall, & wait for wages to rise again;  but while this may be sound logic, hope isn't a proactive… full article

Help, I’m overwhelmed!

Panic & overwhelm! There's often an unspoken rule in the modern corporate world that staff should be continually busy and buzzing with activity, in turn leading managers to become overloaded with innumerable responsibilities. In many cases, it should be said, people seem to rather like it; telling people how busy… full article

3 ways to tackle the impostor phenomenon

Worst nightmares Last night I woke up in a cold sweat, having had that dream again. You may know the one. Sitting in the school hall aged 18, I was about to sit the all-important final exams, but with just one slight problem: I'd done no preparation or revision whatsoever… full article