Connecting the dots

Re-engineering your life We've all heard more than enough Buffett quotes about the price of swimming naked when others are greedy (or whatever) to fill our proverbial punch-cards 20 times over by now. Instead, for today, how about some more practical advice from the 'Sage of Quotemaha'? Here's Wazza, on… full article

When doing nothing is the best action

Your next move! I was intrigued by the game of chess for some years when I was at junior school, with its universal appeal & endless permutations - in fact, there are well over 319,000,000,000 possible positions after only four moves! One of the interesting things about chess is that… full article

How to detonate a time revolution

Quality time Lately I've been going to the gym twice per week with my mate Si, usually for about an hour. Si is a builder, and this week he turned up looking rather drained: 'Short session tonight, I've been digging a wretched trench all day' he grumbled (or words to… full article