The future of Australian tech (the road to ‘Syd-icon Valley’)

Australian tech matters Tech and innovation represents so much more than internet search engines, live streaming, and handheld electronic devices, spanning widely across manufacturing, energy, resources, agriculture, and much more besides. For decades Australia has lagged far behind the U.S. and elsewhere in terms of its risk-taking, technological innovation, and… full article

Repeat: this is not a drill…

False alarm In 1971, during the tumult of the Vietnam War, an emergency action notification was sent in error to U.S. broadcast stations, with an operator inadvertently sending out the wrong tape to networks. The message instructed networks to cease transmission of regular programming immediately and issue an alert announcement… full article

Successfully diverting the flows?

Artificial intervention In 1969 engineers decided that since there had been apparent rockfalls and erosion at Niagara Falls human intervention may be required to remove huge boulders at the base of the falls. At colossal effort and expense some 28,000 tons of rock were used to build a cofferdam to… full article