Don’t recharge your batteries

Flat batteries

We recently relocated, and shortly after settling in realised that the TV & DVD remote controls had flat & non-existent batteries respectively.

With a couple of grouchy toddlers struggling with the Queensland summer heat, this initially caused some consternation.

Yet after a few days I came to realise that this delivered an unexpected benefit.

Although I barely watch the box myself – except occasionally the nightly ABC News – not having a remote has meant that any decision to watch a program or show has had to be a conscious one, as opposed to slumping on the lounge room couch & mindlessly flicking through televisual dross.

Precious downtime

Despite the rise & rise of digital alternatives, at the last count some 99 per cent of Australian households still boast at least one television set.

Free-to-air viewing has declined over the past half-decade, albeit to 3 hours per day on average, though any time gained at the margin is doubtless now spent on other forms of electronic entertainment.

Abundant living should be all about balance, as neatly encapsulated in the 4Fs model.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t watch TV at all, and indeed some studies have even found that watching some television can be a regular habit of happy people.

Rather, life’s achievers make space in their lives for friends & relaxation, business & investment, health, learning, and a means of contribution.

In short, they commit to attaining successful results in all of the ‘4F’ quadrants.

Time: the most valuable commodity

It seems to me to be increasingly common to hear people say that they are insanely busy, run off their feet, under the pump, up against it, having a hectic year.

Being ‘just too busy’ even appears to be a badge of honour for some people.

Which is fine, to a point, except that it’s often used as an excuse for not achieving more.

Too busy to manage finances or invest. Too busy to get fit. Too busy to catch up with friends or family.

The stark truth is that we all have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 52 weeks in a year, and accordingly, it can can only all come down to priorities.

And on that note, I’m off for a 20-minute workout & an afternoon dip.

Have a great weekend!


Catch me tonight on ABC News Brisbane where I’m discussing the inner city high-rise apartment glut with Lexy Hamilton-Smith.

OK, so that’s educational TV content – it doesn’t count!