How to declutter your home (& life)

Letting go Some years ago I went to live in East Timor, and without particularly planning to do so ended up staying for a long time. It was a wonderful experience for a whole range of reasons, not least that I first went there with, in the literal sense, no… full article

Do you need to be clever to invest well?

What is intelligence? We can probably all remember from school days peers that took academic achievement in their stride, yet in some instances the very same people could barely tie their own shoelaces or deal with social situations easily. An intellectual quotient or 'IQ' is a traditional measure of intelligence… full article

When less is more (6 ways to KISS)

When less is more With the world having been through a tumultuous decade through the global financial crisis & beyond, I've sometimes wondered whether partial ignorance was bliss as many of the gruesome details of the subprime crisis subsequently came to light (the books always seem to follow afterwards). After… full article