On thwarting the Peter Principle

Promotion to pain Thinking back to my professional career days in Sydney, I can recall it being something of a ritual for staff to repair to Ryan's Bar of a Friday afternoon to have a good old whinge about their respective bosses. What on earth were the odds, I'd muse… full article

Rise & shine with the 5am club

Early bird catches the worm Have you ever been stuck in a job or role that sees you resetting the alarm clock several times, and getting up as late as humanly possible, before shuffling morosely off to work? Me too...and it sucks, hey! Everyone seems to be very busy these… full article

Will what got you here get you there?

To the ivory tower Some friends I worked with in the early days of my professional career were the heart & soul of all social events, always at the centre of anything that was going on, and with a mercurial talent for the gathering and subsequent distribution of office gossip… full article