Rise & shine with the 5am club

Early bird catches the worm

Have you ever been stuck in a job or role that sees you resetting the alarm clock several times, and getting up as late as humanly possible, before shuffling morosely off to work?

Me too…and it sucks, hey!

Everyone seems to be very busy these days, but is there a way to get ahead while the world is sleeping?

There is.

And it’s called the 5am club!

Rise & shine!

Leadership expert Robin Sharma famously introduced the related ideas of jumping out of bed early to start the day, getting into peak physical condition, and setting audacious goals (‘BHAGs’).

I know from my own experience that having toddlers can wreak havoc with the best planned sleep patterns, while some people simply operate more efficiently in the evenings.

Nevertheless, the concept of the 5am club is one worth considering.

Of course, if you’re in the routine of going to bed after midnight or working shifts as a nightclub DJ this may not be a realistic concept for you (or at least, not immediately).

And yet early starts are a common feature across the lives of so many successful types; they’re up and functioning while most people are still catching z’s.

While the world sleeps…

Here are 3 early-morning tips for becoming healthy, wealthy, & wise:

(i) Home workout – let’s face it, most people won’t sustain a pre-work routine that involves driving to the gym or the beach, working out for an hour, showering, and washing their hair.

But 20 minutes of exercise at home is a realistically achievable goal, & a great way to kick-start the day;

(ii) Plan to win – with due focus on the vital few tasks that need to be done instead of the trivial many, identify two or three goals or ‘A activities’ that will make the day ahead a winner; and

(iii) Brain food – leaders are readers, so if you can incorporate 20 minutes of educational reading time into the first hour of the day, this is another great way to stay current and connected.

Browsing the MamaMia gossip column doesn’t count, by the way.

In the translated words of a German proverb, the early morning has gold in its mouth.

Carpe diem!